Return to Nursing Programme


The return to Nursing, or competence assessment programme  is offered to New Zealand trained registered and enrolled nurses,  in both Auckland and Hawke’s Bay, 12 courses annually. If you were a registered nurse and would like to re-register to engage in the workforce again to work as a registered/enrolled nurse,then the Wesley Institute course is for you.

Wesley Institute runs a course which includes 10 days of classroom theory, offering contemporary nursing practice and concepts, then up to 20 days of clinical placement on an aged care hospital wing.

This course offers some flexibility, which can be structured around the re registering nurse, and once the nurse meets the Nursing Council of New Zealand competencies, the course is completed.

We would happily take applications through our enrolment form.

Competence Assessment Programme(CAP)


The Wesley Institute of Learning has provided a competence assessment programme since September 2008 when the New Zealand Nursing Council gave authorisation.

We have two training schools, one in central Auckland and the other in Hastings, in Hawke's Bay. The clinical placement is in private hospital sites, owned by Oceania Healthcare, for the care of older people. The clinical sites are situated across Auckland and Hawke's Bay, and for new arrivals to New Zealand, you will need to use public transport, or rely on your homestays to assist you with travel, as you will be working rostered duties, which could be morning shifts (starting 0645), evening shifts (1300 - 2100) and across weekends.

The course comprises 6 weeks of training, with 10 classroom days and 20 clinical duties on private hospital sites. The programme covers:

  • Contemporary Nursing Practice

Our students are selected from a large data-base, following our enrolment criteria.

They are supported by the classroom tutor, and the clinical tutors that visit their sites twice weekly. They do extensive assessment on site including written assignments, assessing their skill at assessment, care planning, pathophysiology, reflective practice, along with leadership skills, managing a team, and key clinical skills.

Before you send any information to Wesley Institute you must apply to the Nursing Council of New Zealand for an assessment of your eligibility for registration. If you have not done this, please contact:

Nursing Council of New Zealand
PO Box 9644
New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 385 9589
Fax: +64 4 801 8502


Please note: An English Language assessment is required by Nursing Council of New Zealand for all overseas trained nurses (except Australia). This must be completed prior to enrolment in our course, which can be either IELTS or OET. The pass rate for IELTS must be 7.0 in each area, for OET, a B pass in each. Any cost incurred for this assessment must be met by the student.

Also: Registration is at the discretion of the Nursing Council of New Zealand and is not decided by the Wesley Training Centre.

Entry Criteria

Any person who has gained nursing registration from another country and who has been sent a letter from Nursing Council of New Zealand outlining the requirements they must meet in order to gain New Zealand registration.

As part of Wesley’s on-going efforts to streamline the intake of IQN’s from overseas, Wesley Institute has aligned the application process through to Medcall New Zealand.  Medcall will outline the process for enrolment and make the enrolment process as smooth as possible for you.  The new address is  As a matter of course Medcall New Zealand will be your direct admin contact for information regarding entry to the Wesley CAP Course.

Please ask Medcall about accommodation help, airport pick ups, information about nursing in New Zealand. MEDCALL ENROLMENT FEES DO APPLY.

By completing and sending an enrolment form via Medcall to Wesley Institute does not mean acceptance on any course.   

We are currently enrolling for 2020. Please note change in fees

Course Costs (Auckland)

Course Fee: $8,250.00

Other costs associated with clinical placement: 

Indemnity insurance (NZNO): $45.55

Clinical Placements (Auckland)

There are seven clinical sites in the Auckland area. The school activity is based in the greater Auckland region and the hours of attendance range from 7am - 9pm.

Course Costs (Hawkes Bay)

Course Fee: $8,250.00

Other costs associated with clinical placement:

Indemnity insurance (NZNO): $45.55

Clinical Placements (Hawkes Bay)

There are seven clinical sites in the Hawke’s Bay area, Hastings, Napier and Havelock North. The school activity is based in Hastings and the hours of attendance are 8:00am - 4:00pm. There are buses from these other towns. Our students may need to move their accommodation to be closer to the clinical placements.


The uniform for nursing practice is a white blouse or polo shirt and dark blue or black trousers or skirt. Students may bring a uniform from their own country for the course providing it meets the above uniform standard (no logos or identifying markings).